The Crumpler Evolution


The Lessons of a Proud History

Born on the streets of mid-90’s Melbourne and driven by the needs of bicycle couriers, Crumpler messenger bags exploded on to the scene with bright colours, clever designs, and our famed bulletproof construction.

Over the years our range has expanded to include backpacks, suitcases, bum-bags, wallets and beyond. Parties have been had. Collaborations have been made. Boundaries have been pushed. And, most importantly, millions of people’s belongings have been carried safely in bags with our famed logo.

We’re proud of our history. We’re proud of the impression Crumpler has had on so many people. And we are excited to move into the next phase of our story.

Crumpler evolution

The Crumpler Evolution

2018 is a statement of intent for us here at Crumpler. A chance to reflect on our history, applaud our successes and – more importantly – make improvements where improvements can be made.

The world of bags has changed vastly since Crumpler was established in 1995. What we demand of our bags has changed. How we travel has changed. How we get to work has changed. And, our tastes and style have certainly changed.

The use of eco-friendly materials and construction processes has always been a major focus for our design team. Not only do we see this as an opportunity to become a more environmentally conscious business, we will also expand the aesthetic appeal of our bags by adopting a wider range of base materials.

Bags crafted with a focus on purpose, style, and functionality, made from a variety of different materials which allows for the addition of clever and innovative features.

This is our design mantra and it won’t ever change.

Crumpler EU Logo

The Evolution of our new logo

Pronounced Alive symbolises a season of evolution. New styles in bold colours, classic shapes updated to suit new design directions, and exciting new fabrics and features that help to usher in a new era of products which tick the looks, function and innovation boxes.


“As times have changed, and the world has become more connected, our customers have evolved too, and it was time to honour the brand and to bring the Crumpler man into the 21st century.”


Alongside Pronounced Alive comes, perhaps, the biggest evolution for the brand in its two-decade history – the evolution of our logo.

“When Crumpler launched in 1995 we stood out from the pack - quite literally - through the vibrant colours of our bags and the irreverent spirit of our marketing.” CEO (Australia) Adam Wilkinson says. “As times have changed, and the world has become more connected, our customers have evolved too, and it was time to honour the brand with a refresh and to bring the Crumpler man into the 21st century.”

He’s had a haircut and swapped out the slip-on boat shoes for something with laces, but he still stands for the same things he has always stood for; creativity, quality, design, innovation, and a playful spirit.


A Whole New World

These changes have not been taken lightly, but they have been taken confidently.

Design and print collaborations with some of the biggest designers and brands in the world. Stories and interviews with thought-leaders from different walks of life. Bag design and base materials that aim to inspire change and to look great doing it. Clean, functional products that still offer the clever touches that Crumpler is well-known for. And innovation, both in our products and in the way that we present them to our customers.

These are just some of the reasons we’re excited by this opportunity to evolve

Crumpler design

“Crumpler designers were previously inspired by the immediate world around them which, in the 90’s, was Melbourne’s emergent and vibrant street art and cycle courier cultures,” Fioretti explained. “As we have grown and now have a global footprint, it makes sense that our search for inspiration has broadened and we are stimulated by the pastiche approach of the internet as well as from our international community of customers, and their daily lives”.