BLUNT Umbrellas

Outstanding technology meets unique design! Our bags are designed to last and to accompany you every day, in every situation and in all weathers.

Just like our bags, BLUNT umbrellas are made to last. We have our origins in Australia, BLUNT umbrellas are designed in New Zealand, so almost around the corner. We think they suit us pretty well.

Up to 115 km/h

...tested wind speed

BLUNT umbrellas have been tested for all weather conditions - including strong winds. With their aerodynamic canopy, you are protected in every situation.

Made for life

Resisting the throwaway mentality is part of who we are and is reflected in everything we do - from our umbrellas to our packaging. BLUNT umbrellas are made for life.

Made for extremes

We assure you that BLUNT gliders have been tested for all weather conditions, including high winds. With our aerodynamic canopy you are protected in any situation.

Made for innovation

The patented BLUNT umbrella tips open like mini umbrellas in pockets on the edge of the umbrella canopy. They therefore fulfill several purposes that give the BLUNT its superior performance.

Unique technical innovation for the crucial extra stability


Ergonomic handle

Rubberized for a secure hold

Patented rounded corners

Even distribution of tension over the entire edge of the canopy instead of just at the tips

Reinforced struts

For extra high stability

Flat aerodynamic shape

Particularly stable thanks to the highly tensioned canopy

Telescopic rods

Durable and high quality


BLUNT Umbrellas




Length (folded)


Protective sleeve

Tested at wind speeds up to