Laptop Sleeves

Slim and robust everyday companions that provide optimum protection for your laptop

Our laptop sleeves protect your laptop from dust, scratches and even spilled drinks. No matter which of our laptop sleeves you choose, they are all extremely practical and stylish. And each laptop sleeve has its own character. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Base Layer laptop sleeve

Neoprene protective cover

Simple protection is the be-all and end-all for you? Then our Base Layer is the right thing for you: our neoprene protective cover not only protects your laptop from scratches, bumps and dust, but also from rain or spilled drinks thanks to our special water-repellent Moses effect.

  • Triple protection made from a high quality neoprene core and jersey

  • Zipper with internal binding to protect laptop from scratches

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Base Layer

Moses effect

Thanks to the special Moses effect (our water- and dirt-repellent coating), all drops simply roll off the case.


Lamington laptop sleeve

Shock-absorbing protective sleeve

Would you like to bring some color into your everyday life? Then our slim and shock-absorbing Lamington zippered laptop sleeve is perfect for you!

  • Best protection thanks to memory foam padding

  • Zipper with internal binding to protect laptop from scratches

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Memory foam padding

With a memory foam that we know from high-quality viscoelastic cold foam mattresses, a water-repellent 1000D nylon and a super-soft Nylex lining with a cuddly effect, a special sandwich material combination was created that has an almost perfect shock-absorbing and pressure-relieving effect.