Camera bags – this is an area that lies at the heart of Crumpler. Whether it is a simple digital camera, compact bridge camera or a reflex camera with multiple lenses that you need to have at hand, we have developed a camera bag for you with an emphasis on strong and functional design.

Are you looking for a minimal and simple protective cover for your camera or a comfortable camera bag? You’ll find several models that meet these needs and more. Even if you want to bring your laptop or iPad along for your photo expedition, we have developed camera bags with discreet tablet or laptop compartments so that your device is always with you and well protected.

If you are outdoors and waiting to catch the perfect photo, then a Crumpler camera backpack with intelligent inner workings is the thing for you. Worried about getting caught in the rain while you are on the road? All of our camera bags and pouches and water resistant, and many include their own built in rain cover. With all the features and function that Crumpler camera bags include, it is easy to forget that they look great as well.