Welcome to the exclusive unveiling of Crumpler's 'Dinky Di' collection - an innovative range that combines the best of modern design with a nostalgic touch. This unique limited edition, crafted in small quantities, showcases a messenger bag with a bold heritage and four distinct bag styles intentionally embracing retro elements.
Each bag pays homage to the brand's rebellious DNA, complemented by modern functionality seamlessly fitting into the lives of busy urban dwellers. The Dinky Di Messenger Bag, an icon of the Crumpler Heritage Collection, is defined by its versatile features. Featuring a padded laptop compartment for MacBook Pro 14", a stabilizing 'Third Leg' for carrying comfort, a wide adjustable strap, and an attachment point for an additional LED light, it offers not just style but also practicality for everyday use.
Each of the four personalities - 'The Outliner', 'The Comet Beam', 'The Striped Flag', and 'The Weaver' - carries its own story. They embody a lifestyle that merges individuality and functionality, from colorful contrasts to handcrafted details. The woven 'Crumpler Man' label evokes the rebellious aura of the 90s and continues to symbolize our brand's playful creativity to this day.