1995. Melbourne, Australia. A bunch of gritty bike messengers realized they need messenger bags that could live up to their tough line of work. No bag on the market could, so they started designing those bags themselves. Crumpler was born.

We started as a messenger bag brand – and we have messenger bags in our DNA. In our early days, our bags stood out stood out from the pack through their strong, vibrant, bright colours that simply couldn’t be overlooked.


We have continuously evolved since our beginnings.

Today, Crumpler offers functional, high-quality, durable and design focused bags and transport solutions for all occasions of an active, urban lifestyle. From classic, bicycle-proven messenger bags and backpacks, to luggage to protection for electronic equipment such as laptop, tablet or all common camera systems.

The world, and the world of bags have changed massively since Crumpler was established in 1995. What we demand of our bags has changed. How we travel has changed. How we get to work has changed. And, our tastes and style have certainly changed. Instead of offering many different colours, today we offer our bags made out of a variety of materials – and with uncompromising quality, functionally and style, as ever.


Back when Crumpler started, we mainly wanted to convey fun and energy with our irreverent, rebellious spirit of our marketing. We got inspired by the street art and bike courier scene in Melbourne. Our original logo, the “dude”, came into existence when one of our founders, lost in thought, scribbled the little easy-going guy with his dreadlocks on a piece of paper. For a long time, the dude was simply perfect for us.

Over the years, we’ve adapted our products to our customers’ changing needs and expectations, and we’ve also continuously adapted our comms. For a long time, we have now not only catered for bike couriers, but also for urban digital nomads, photographers, travellers, office workers and students who are on the move with their laptops, and, and, and. At some point, the dude just didn’t fit anymore to what we had evolved into, and it was time to bring the Crumpler man into the 21st century.

We have grown up – and so has our logo

A few years ago, our word marque was completely overhauled and we modernised our “Crumpler man”. He’s had a haircut and swapped out the slip-on boat shoes for something with laces, but he still stands for the same things he has always stood for; creativity, quality, design, innovation, and a playful spirit.

As being 'on the move' is very much part of the Crumpler heritage, the new Crumpler word marque visually communicates the notion of moving forward, with custom letterforms that speak to the creativity, strength and craftsmanship of the brand DNA. And our new logo is made up of the letters of our word marque.

Our new logo is much more contemporary and goes much better together with the modern city life, the connected digital world - and with us. We’ve always stayed true to our original values and principles and we continue to use our passion to design and develop great, high-quality bags.


Why do we make bags? Because it's what we do best. Since that initial messenger bag, we’ve striving to offer the perfect bag for every type of urban species - from street photographer to traveller to tech-savvy commuter. We are constantly researching, tweaking and improving our bags to provide you with the best possible solution.


We are not here to take the cash and run. We make bags that we are proud of and that are built to last. Our commitment to quality has spread via word of mouth, and over the years we've built a large base of devoted Crumpler fans.


Our bags take aaaages to make. It normally takes a year from concept to release, which isn't the way the rest of the fast-paced world of trends and fashion rolls. But trends come and go - we're here to stay. We're just not that good at making compromises. But neither are you, right?

We make real bags for real people. People who appreciate quality.


Looks matter, but they're only skin deep. So we spend most of our time working on the soul of our bags, the function. We believe that a bag is an extension of your body and a key ingredient of your everyday functionality. We want to get it right - and keep you moving.


Our bags aim at all occasions of an urban lifestyle. They stand out due to their superior quality, the use of diverse, high-quality materials and a clear focus on functionality.

Regardless of whether you’re on the way to university or to the office or if you’re enjoying your leisure time: our bags and backpacks don’t just look good, they are also incredibly handy and thought-through. Numerous useful and functional features and their stylish design make our bags the perfect companions for your work life and equally for your spare time. Highly functional materials make sur your laptop, IT gadgets, cameras and co. reach their destination safely.

Our approach in developing our bags can best be described as “function meets fashion”. We design and produce our bags ourselves and we have long-standing proven know-how in this area: we just know how to develop and manufacture bags.

Crumpler bags are “Built for Purpose & Made to Last“.