You'll be hard pressed to find a better expert on messenger bags than Crumpler. After all, messenger bags are what started everything for us.

In 1995 in Melbourne, a group of gritty bicycle couriers was dissatisfied with the quality and functionality of their bags. Instead of just complaining about what was on offer, they did something about it and made their own bags to suit their needs. From their ideas on how to improve courier bags grew the first Crumpler bag.

Today, messenger bags aren’t only for hardened bike couriers, but for everyone in the city who rides a bike or just likes the design. A big advantage of a modern shoulder bag is that it keeps your hands free so you can concentrate on the important things. Whether you ride your bike to work or to meet friends or just are looking for the perfect bike bag for your free time, you’ll find a bag in the Crumpler collections for you. Many of our messenger bags come with extra functional interior design, enabling you to cleverly and securely store your laptop or tablet while