Are you looking for a reliable contact for customer individual bag-solutions, a strategic partner for a co-branding
or you want to revolutionize the market with a made-to-measure bag/product solution?

Then we are the right partner for you.

Major experience and high quality standards

Crumpler is an established functional bag brand for 20 years and particularly known for its product quality.

Conception, production, logistics - We know the business

Our own international design-team develops bag-concepts and elaborates it into concrete sketches.
After the reduction of the samples we produce in our own factories and support you with the preparation of
the packaging and PoS materials, if you would like to. Our logistic knowhow completes our competence around bags. In every phase you will be accompanied by a partner from our company.

With that, Crumpler offers numerous advantages:

own, international design team, specialized in functional bag solutions
own sourcing, guarantees steady high quality of the materials
own production in asia
strict control of quality
own development team with its own sample room in asia
contacts in Germany for strategy & transfer

Contact us

With pleasure you will be advised individually and together we will estimate the viability of your ideas.
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