You would like to personalise a product from Crumpler? No problem! Choose 3 out of 46 characters and configure according to your individual wishes 

We all know and love them. Whether it's embroidered on the coolest sneaker, engraved on the latest AirPods or printed on our favourite coffee to go mug, it is usually firmly and irrevocably linked to the product as a memory or personal message. But what do you do when things change? Perhaps a relationship comes to a painful end, memories fade away? Cut the initials of your girlfriend or the date you met her out of your sneaker, grind them out of your AirPods or stick them over your coffee to go cup? Throwing them away and buying new ones would be one solution, but certainly not the most sustainable one. 

So we come to the solution: the personalisation at Crumpler consists of 3 letters, numbers or characters that you can choose from a total of 46. Choose your favourite product from the products shown on this page and follow the configurator "Personalisation". Your combination will be applied to the product immediately. There is no limitation of your right of withdrawal for personalised Crumpler products!

If you want to personalise at a later date, or if you want to add another set to exchange or as a gift, you can do that here as well.

Click on the product of your choice and personalise it via the product page 


You need a new or additional personalisation set for yourself or as a gift?