Travel bags have to be versatile. Whether you're looking for a fashionable bag for your next city break or a practical and spacious board trolley with wheels as hand luggage for a intercontinental flight, we know what features your bag must be equipped with to assist you on your next journey. That’s because we also love to travel and explore the planet.

As the name suggests, a weekender bag is the perfect size to stow everything you need for a weekend away from home. Alternatively you could take a duffel which is minimal in design and looks good, especially with a full load. For longer stays away from the familiarity of your own neighborhood, we have also developed some travel bags that are the perfect companion for travelers and backpackers on longer trips, bags made to be home away from home. Heading to a festival, then you can go with a hip bag (aka bum-bag or fanny pack) or a stylish backpack that complements your party clothes perfectly.